Riverbed Theatre was founded in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. The company’s image-based, Total Theatre productions blur the boundaries between visual and performing arts. Critics have praised the organic, sculptural quality of Riverbed’s “subconscious” theatre, likening the performances to the best works of Samuel Beckett and David Lynch. Riverbed has participated in festivals and events including:

Virtual Reality:
2023 Over the Rainbow. Tribeca Film Festival. New York, United States.
2023 All That Remains. Luxembourg Film Festival (Winner of Best Immersive Experience)
2023 All That Remains. BIFAN. Buncheon, Korea.
2022 All That Remains. Thessaloniki Film Festival. Thessaloniki, Greece.
2022 All That Remains. Venice Film Festival. Venice, Italy.

2023 Dreams and Shadows: Taipei International Festival of the Arts (Taipei)
2021 The Forgotten: Fall Festival of the Arts (Taipei)
2020 Dream Factory: Taiwan Traditional Theatre Festival (Taipei)
2018 BeSeTo Festival (Korea)
2018 Tainan Arts Festival (Tainan)
2018 Taipei International Festival of Art (Taipei)
2017 BOK Festival (Macau)
2016 Taipei Arts Festival (Taipei)
2016 Tainan Arts Festival (Tainan)
2016 Break-of-Dawn Festival (Taipei)
2015 Wei Wu Ying Arts Festival (Kaohsiung)
2015 On Site Arts Festival (Taipei)
2015 Avignon Off Theatre Festival (Avignon)
2014 International Theatre Festival (Taipei)
2013 Asian Biennale (Taichung)
2013 True Illusion, Illusionary Truth Exhibition (Taipei)
2012 Imaginale Figurentheater Festival (Mannheim, Stuttgart) 
2010 International Theatre Festival (Taipei)
2010 Avignon-Off Festival (Avignon)
2009 Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center Inferno Benefit (New York)
2008 Avignon Off Festival (Avignon)
2006 Alice Festival (Tokyo) 
2006 M1 Fringe Festival (Singapore)
2004 New Ideas Theatre Festival (Taipei)
2004 Alice Festival (Osaka, Tokyo)

Riverbed has also participated in exhibitions at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan Museum of Art, Kaohsiung Museum of Art, Taipei MOCA, and Eslite Gallery.